Great Alternatives to GoDaddy Web Hosting!

Bluehost is a Great Alternative to GoDaddy Web Hosting!


For years I have been an avid critic of Godaddy and how they use their big name and sexy commercials to deceive unknowing web hosting beginners.  Now, GoDaddy has  really messed up by supporting the unpopular SOPA bill that has been rightfully opposed by tech giants.   Hundreds of thousands of  users are now boycotting Godaddy, as they continue to dig themselves in a deeper hole.

If your considering purchasing a domain or web hosting from GoDaddy.. Please stop now and save yourself lots of headaches in the future.  I highly suggest instead that you choose Bluehost; in fact, if you use our exclusive promo link below you can get professional web hosting from Bluehost for only $3.49 a month.  Can you tell.. I really don’t like Godaddy? Haha.

Bluehost promo link


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