Best Web Hosting – June 2010 – Top 3 Web Hosts

Updated December 2015

It is now June and we wanted to write a post to let you know of the current top 3 web hosts.   Each month web hosting pricings, plans, and support are always changing and for this reason our top 3 list is also changing constantly.

So here we go… The June 2010 Best Web Hosting List:

#1 – Bluehost: continues to excel in web hosting and using our exclusive link you can get Bluehost web hosting for only $3.49 a month!

#2 – iPage:  iPage is one of the fastest growing web hosting providers on the web, this company also is very affordable, only $1.99 a month!

#3 – Hostmonster:  $3.95 a month web hosting, great customer support, top-notch hosting….. All of this adds up to make Hostmonster our #2 web host.


Easiest Web Hosting Services – Easy to Use Hosting

Hit the easy button! If you are looking for web hosting it is likely that you want to make the process as painless as possible.  With thousands of web hosting providers sometimes it can be challenging and confusing to find and navigate web hosting services.

With all of this in mind we decided to write an article that outlines the absolute EASIEST web hosting services on the web.  The three hosts mentioned below are very easy to use and will help you get your website up and running within a matter of minutes.  My full-time job is to research and compare web hosting providers, with this in mind it is fair to say that I have literally tested thousands of hosts and the three mentioned below are truly the best web hosting providers and are very easy to use.

Top 3 “easy to use” Web Hosting Providers:

#1 –

Hostmonster is by far the easiest and best web hosting provider on the web.  First, it is very easy to sign up for hosting with Host Monster.  All you have to do is click on the link above (to get a discount rate of $3.95 a month) and click on “Sign Up Now”, its that easy! After signing up you will instantly have a professional web hosting account with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.  With hostmonster you don’t even have worry about paying for a domain name BECAUSE they will give you one for free when you sign up for hosting.  If you would like more information on Hostmonster you can read our Hostmonster Review.

#2 –

Bluehost is VERY similar to Hostmonster, the price is only $3.49 a month if you click on our exclusive promo linkk above!  Bluehost is one of the easiest web hosting services if you are looking to create a blog or use WordPress.  Once you create an account with Bluehost you can login and install WordPress with only one-click, it’s that easy!  If you would like to learn more about Bluehost you can do so by reading our Bluehost Review.

#3 – is also a very easy-to-use web hosting provider.  If you click on our exclusive link above you can get hosting for only $3.15 a month!  FatCow is one of the fastest growing sites and I accredit this to their easy to use hosting service.  You can learn more about FatCow by checking out our FatCow Review.



Kentucky Web Hosting Plans – Top KY Web Hosting

As you can read in our “About Us” page, I live in the great state of Kentucky!  I am also the owner of, home of the best web hosting reviews on the internet.

Since I am from KY, I thought I would do a little experiment.  I have been thinking about adding a new feature to that allows users to search “by state” for web hosting providers.  This will take some time so I wanted to test the response I would get before doing all the work to create 50 pages.

With that being said, I am going to test this out with the great people from Kentucky!

So who what are the top web hosting plans in Kentucky? Well, as a Kentucky citizen I know the three things that I would look for when choosing web hosting is: customer support, price, and quality of service.  I personally have traveled to Utah and I found a couple hosts who excelled in these three categories; therefore, that is who I host my site with.

Best Kentucky Web Hosting Plans:

  1. Hostmonster – $3.95 a month – Hostmonster is one of the biggest and most well known web hosting providers in the world.  I use Hostmonster to host my website,  Great price, amazing customer support, by far the best web hosting option for those who live in Kentucky.
  2. Bluehost – $3.49 a month – This host is well known for having the best customer support in America!  Plus you cannot beat the price.  I personally use Bluehost to host many of my Kentucky based online businesses.
  3. IxWebhosting – $7.95 a month – The price with IxWebhosting is a bit higher and honestly the service is not as good as the hosts mentioned above; however, I am pretty sure they have some data centers located in Hopkinsville, KY which makes them a KY based web hosting business.  But honestly, I think you would be much happier with Hostmonster or Bluehost.

February 2010 Top Web Hosting:!

We are going to start a new tradition here at!  Each month we are going to take a look at all of our numbers from the previous month and we are going to crown a TOP web hosting provider for each month.  By providing you will a month to month award winner you will be able to stay on top of the webhosting world to ensure that you purchase hosting from the best hosting provider.

Our first winner (February 2010) goes to!  With so many web hosting providers on the market we were forced to look for a host that offered something a little special… This is why we chose JustHost!   Unlike any other host in the marker this great web hosting provider advertises an ANYTIME MONEY BACK guarantee!  This is amazing and proves to us that Justhost stands behind their product!

So what all do you get with Justhost web hosting? You will get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and a free domain name!  Not to mention around the clock friendly customer support!

If you would like to learn more about Justhost you can read the, JustHost Review!

**** SPECIAL $2.95 PROMO LINK ****

Reviews of the Top Web Hosting Providers (November 2009)


During this struggling economy more and more  businesses and individuals are turning to the world wide web for business and marking. continues to provide new and experienced website owners with the nessesary tools needed to create a precence on the web. continues to outline the top web hosting providers on the web and offer their visitors with special hosting coupon codes and promotions.  If you are looking for honest web hosting reviews, I highly suggest checking out AlreadyHosting.

Thousands of people have found a perfect web host using so we thought we would post a list of their top 10 web hosting providers for the month of November 2009.   Instead of linking directly to the hosts we have linked to the actual review page so that you can do additional research on the hosts.

Top Web Hosting Providers (November 2009)

  1. Hostmonster – 2009 Best Web Host – $3.95/month
  2. Bluehost – WordPress Web Hosting – $3.49/month
  3. FatCow – Affordable Web Hosting – $3.15/month
  4. HostGator – No Contract Hosting – $4.86/month
  5. Justhost – Money Back Anytime Guarantee – $2.95/month
  6. GreenGeeks – Green Hosting – $3.96/month
  7. InMotionHosting – Business Web Host – $5.99/mo.
  8. HostClear – Reliable Host – $2.99/month
  9. iPage – Fastest Growing Web Host – $1.99/mo.
  10. WebHostingPad – Cheapest Host – $1.99/month

* This list of top web hosting providers for November 2009 is based on’s top 10 web hosting reviews.  These web hosting providers are widely recognized by many sites as the top web hosts on the web.  If you are going to purchase or switch hosts I would highly consider one of these top 10 hosts; however, does have a list of hosting providers that would also be a great resource for your research.

Feel free to respond of this post if you have any great hosting solutions or if you disagree with any of the selections listed above.  We hope this proves to be a great tool for anyone searching for web hosting.