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WebHostingPad Review

As you can see from the banner above the normal rate for web hosting at WebHostingPad.com is $3.96 a month; however, through our exclusive WebHostingPad Promo Link you can get the exact same web hosting for only $1.99 a month! Web Hosting Pad is one of the web’s fastest growing web hosting providers and this can be directly attributed to the fact that they offer cheap hosting that is comparable to other hosts.  Let me explain, WebHostingPad.com now offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and a free domain name for only $1.99 a month.  This is the exact specs that other more expensive hosts offer you. So how can WebHostingPad.com offer web hosting so cheap?  The answer is volume!  Other hosts who have more expensive plans are operating with a small number of clients.  Web Hosting Pad literally has thousands of customers and it is for this reason that they can charge much less. If you would like to learn more about WebHostingPad I would suggest that you take a look at the AlreadyHosting.com WebHostingPad Review.  This review will give you a more detailed look at this great web hosting provider. AlreadyHosting.com awarded WebHostingPad.com the #1 spot on their cheap web hosting list. WebHostingPad.com will only be selling web hosting at the $1.99 rate of a limited time and you must click on one of our exclusive WebHostingPad Review links to ensure the coupon code rate is activated.  In this bad economy what better host to go with than Web Hosting Pad!

November 2009 – Top Web Hosting Trends

It is almost November so I thought it would be appropriate to write an article outlining some web hosting trends with the top hosting providers.   As the web hosting market continues to grow more competitive the prices of hosting have continued to decline (which is great for our readers). Since we own many popular web hosting review sites we have the ability to closely monitor trends within the web hosting industry… We thought we would share a few of these with you in case you were looking to sign up for a new web hosting account.

Best Web Host
For the month of October, Hostmonster has the most users sign up for their web hosting.  Hostmonster has been very successful with customers from the United States and is known for their great customer support.  Hostmonster also has the lowest cancellation rate meaning that their customers are VERY happy.  Hostmonster was called the best web hosting provider of the year by AlreadyHosting.com.


Fastest Growing Web Hosting Provider
Last month FatCow was the fastest growing web hosting provider; however, the month iPage.com (a sister site to FatCow) has proven to be the fastest growing web hosting provider in the market.  iPage was launched just a month or two ago and has seen a rapid growth in traffic over the past month… Don’t believe me?  Check out the traffic chart below.

Cheapest Web Hosting
Congratulations to WebHostingPad.com for once again being the cheapest web hosting provider.  WebHostingPad continues to offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and a domain for only $1.99 a month!   You will not find this type of deal with any of the other web hosting providers.

No-Contract Web Hosting
One web hosting company that continues to be successful is HostGator.com .  Hostgator has been around for a long time and provides a premier web hosting option.  The reason this host continues to be so successful is because the offer a no-contact web hosting option, meaning you will not be required to pay for a whole year of hosting all up front.  With Hostgator you simply pay month-by-month, which is preferred by many.  If you use the link above and the coupon code “alreadyhosting” you can get your first month of hosting for only $0.01 .


Cheap Website Hosting – Cheapest Web Hosting Provider

As you all most likely know I am the owner of AlreadyHosting.com, on of the webs most popular web hosting review sites.  In a bad economy it is very important to search for cheap website hosting.  I am not asking you to sacrifice quality for price but what I am saying is you should research and find the cheapest web hosting provider that still offers a quality hosting service.

There are many popular web hosting providers that offer a cheap domain name and web hosting; in fact, many of the internets largest hosting providers are now offering affordable web hosting. (As low as $3.95 a month!)  Before writing this article and recommending some cheap web hosts to you, I wanted to see what keywords and types of hosting people were actually searching for and here are some of the most popular searches.  People in May most searched for: cheap domain name and web hosting, fast cheap web hosing, VERY cheap web hositng, cheap affordable web hosting, and people also searched for keywords like cheap web hosting domain.

I find it very interesting how Google searches are way up for the term “Cheap Web Hosting”; however, I find it even more interesting to see that web hosts are actually adapting to the markets and are drastically reducing their prices on hosting.  Hosts like HostMonster, Bluehost, JustHost, and WebHostingPad have cut their prices in half over the past year!  You have heard the sayings: “Now is the time to buy” and “Its a buyers Market”, well this is also true for hosting.  If you are really looking for very cheap hosting, NOW is the time to buy.

So now for my suggestions… There are many cheap web hosting sites; however, not all of them offer industry leading technology and services.  The hosting services that I list below are among the cheapest web hosts on the web; however, they are also know for their great customer support, reliability, and free domain names. All of the hosts below come with a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and no setup fee.

Very Cheap Web Hosts:

#1 – BlueHost – $3.49 a month!
#2 – JustHost – $2.95 a month!
#3 – HostMonster – $3.95 a month!

If you a looking to spend a little more for hosting InMotionHosting.com offers affordable web hosting for $5.99 a month.


Cheap Web Hosting – Top 10 Providers

My entire profession focuses around researching and reviewing web hosting companies.  I love to make top 10 lists because I feel that readers (like you) can greatly benefit from the information.  With this being said, today I have decided to research and list the Top 10 cheap web hosting providers.  There are litterally thousands of cheap web hosting sites on the web; however, for my research I am only listing the larger and more trusted companies.  I hope you enjoy this list!

Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting Providers:
(From Cheapest To Most Expensive)

1. WebHostingPad.com$1.99 /month
2. BlueHost.com$3.49 /month
3. HostMonster.com$3.95 /month
4. IxWebHosting.com$3.95 /month
5. HostGator.com$4.86 /month
6. HostPapa.com$2.95 /month
7. LunarPages.com$4.95 /month
8. ProNetHosting.net$4.94 /month
9. StartLogic.com$4.50 /month
10. InMotionHosting.com$5.99/month

* In order to take advantage of these 10 cheap web hosting offers you must click on the link to activate our exclusive discounts..

Low Cost Hosting – Under $5 /month

cheap-web-hosting[1]There are literally thousands of web hosting providers on the web; however, only a few low cost hosting providers that are reliable.   To help you find affordable web hosting I have composed a list of 10 low cost hosting companies.  I have researched each of these companies and they are all reliable and professional web hosting providers.

10 Low Cost Hosting Providers – Under $5 /month

  1. BlueHost: $3.49 /mo. *****
  2. HostMonster: $3.95 /mo. *****
  3. IxWebHosting: $29.95 /mo. *****
  4. HostGator: $4.86 /mo. ****
  5. WebHostingPad: $1.99 /mo.  ****
  6. ProNetHosting: $4.95 /mo. ****
  7. LunarPages: $4.95 /mo. ***
  8. HostPapa: $2.95 /mo. ***
  9. PowWeb: $3.88 /mo. ***
  10. FastDomain: $3.95 /mo. ***

Many of the low cost hosting prices listed above are based on our exclusive pricing.  To make sure that you receive the exclusive discounted pricing be sure to click on our link.  Good luck finding affordable hosting.