Some Must Have Features of Your Website Design

Website designing is one of the most important and highlighting things to do when it comes to internet marketing and prompting things that you want to sell in order to make money via online means. Everyone who is marketing different products and things online and offline know that there are certain restrictions to the business and the competency is great and enhanced at times. If you are designing a website you should know that you have to be different and unique at all times and you should be able to handle the complications that are coming along your way accordingly.

Bluehost-Hosting-Offer-Sale-2015[1]Website design matters the most when it comes to knowing what you need to in order to design it well. You should know that an interactive website with customers and forums to talk about, your business could shoot up a lot better and in a direction that is accurate and perfect for you to have. You would have everything you need and the customers would be getting appealed with your services and products within a short amount of time.

Website design should have the elements and features which would force the viewers and the customers getting back to you over and over again for the seam reason and that they should be enticed more than anything else that they have see and experienced so far. The website should be a place where they could find answers to everything and anything and it should be done simply possible.

Names and domains are really crucial to a website and you should know that if you don’t have an easy URL that people could connect to, your business wouldn’t possibly have as much success as you want. You have to be able to make them remember who you are and they would visit you when they need to soon enough. Determine names that could relate to your business and be memorized as easily as well. to keep the website name short and precise being up to the mark, you should also consult different search engines for the cause.

Safety and security of a website is another important feature that you shouldn’t forget or neglect. People would be logging on to your website and it is your job to keep their information and account safe and secure.

A short termed payment method which is feasible should be promoted and implemented as well. Better content, informational backgrounds and animations of the website design are some must have features.


Designing a Website on Your Own – Step by Step Procedure

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Designing a website on your own could be a little challenging and daunting but you should know that it is not impossible by any means for sure. You should be able to do it as feasibly and as easily as anything else and more than that, you should be able to derive benefits and advantages out of it too. Designing a website is also different because you don’t have any professional help from anyone around you and you need to research things on your own and build something unique and effective out of anything that people have seen so far. Here is the step by step procedure of designing a website on your own and figuring out the optimization to run in a positive direction as well. You need to plan what you are doing in designing a website on your own because if you don’t have a plan and the answers to your questions, you won’t make it through. You should know what, when, how and why are you designing the website better than anybody else and have your thoughts figured out. A lot of research and aiming is required for this one. You are designing a website on your own because you want to have a business of your own which in most of the cases is true and valid. If you want to have a business of your own, you need to decide what niche you want to work with and go with the flow then. If you like something or want to pursue an interest, then you should work on the website niche accordingly because it is going to be easier writing content, designing information and getting to have customers directed to it. The next step should be getting a website designing software and using it with the help of a complete guideline that is approachable and easy to understand. You can go with the test trial ones and have the original ones purchased when you have narrowed down the results of the previous ones. For your website designing, you would need a hosting site as well which would be your next step to be figuring out. There are several hundreds of these kinds of websites out there online that you could compare and choose from. As the next step, get the domain name registered and start writing suitable content and information for the website compliance and deliberation. Optimization and generating traffic for the website would be your last steps in the website designing procedure. NEED A PLACE TO HOST YOUR WEBSITE?  Check out these web hosting reviews at!

Web Hosting For Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Everyone!

In today’s age it is important that everyone has a presence on the web, this includes: Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, basically everyone!  It does not matter if you have just started up a business or if you have a well established business that has been around 30 years…. It is extremely important that you have a website.

Contrary to popular believe building a website and hosting it on the web does not have to be expensive!  In fact, one thing that all of these professions have in common (Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Etc.) is that everyone is looking for the best service as the most affordable rate.

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Website Videos Can Help Increase Conversions.

Buying web hosting and building a website are just the first few steps of starting a successful online business; in fact, many people over look the fact that you need to market your website once you build it.   One of the best ways to market your website & increase conversions on your newly built website is add video’s to your website.  Google has mentioned before that it love’s interactive websites that are helpful to those who visit the site and many believe that adding videos to your site can also help increase Google rankings.

To show you what I mean, today we will have a “mini case-study” and we will look at three different guitar websites, two that have videos on their site and one that does not.

First, I want to focus on a website that gives guitar lessons for beginners.  This is a good example of using a video to sell a product. Halfway down the website you can see a video that discusses a product that teaches how to be a guitarist.  There are many sites that offer products; however, simply adding a video (like this site did) can drastically increase conversions.

An even better example of using a video on a website would be this site that I found about blues guitar lessons .  This website has a very clean website design with a nice video on the top fold of the site.   NOTICE, this video is not too long, but very affective… I am confident that this video drastically increases conversions for the Blues site.

A Good Example of Using Videos on the Homepage.

Now after looking at the good, we must look at the ugly… Take a look at, this site not only has a terrible website design (in my opinion) but will likely never convert on a sale.

Simply adding a video on your website will not only improve your users overall experience but it will also help your conversions.   So, if you have already bought web hosting, I would suggest designing your page in a way that incorporates a video.   If you have not already purchased web hosting, you can do so at

Finding A Domain For WordPress Website.

wordpressHow to Find a Domain Name for Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the fastest growing platforms that is being used to create websites. In fact, is the developer of one of the web’s most popular free WordPress themes.  WordPress is very powerful and a great tool for anyone looking to create a web presence.

WordPress eliminates the need of paying someone thousands of dollars to build a website.  You can now easily create a web page as long as you have web hosting and a domain name.

The great part of all of this is the fact web hosting and domain names can be purchased so cheap if you choose the right web hosting provider.  My job today will be to point you in the right direction in your search for a domain name for you WordPress website.    The process is very easy; however, I thought I would write a quick how-to-guide explaining how to setup a WordPress website.

Finding A Domain For A WordPress Website:

Option 1:

You can use a domain availability tool to search for a domain name that is free and register the name using Bluehost. The great part about Bluehost is the fact that they make it easy to install WordPress.  In fact, in the Bluehost CPANEL there is an option that allows you to easily install WordPress on your account as soon as you register for a domain name and hosting.   This is BY FAR the easiest way to get a domain name for your WordPress website.

Option 2:

Being that you will need web hosting along with a domain name I would highly suggest that you find a web hosting provider that will give you a free domain name with the purchase of hosting.  So for only $3.49 a month you can host your WordPress site and get a free domain.  Most hosts listed on will give you free WordPress installation.

If you are searching for a domain name to host your WordPress website I would highly suggest that you take a look at