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HostMetro Review: 

We have been reviewing web hosting providers for five years now and we have tested and encountered many different web hosts.   When reviewing a hosting provider and providing rankings we look for hosts that are customer centered and offer rates, support, and bonuses that benefit their customers.  Although I get a chance to review hundreds of hosting companies very rarely is there a new host that comes out of no-where that blows me away!

In the five years that I have been reviewing hosts maybe one or two times TOTAL have I seen a host and think, “WOW!” this host is offering an amazing deal and is going to blow away their competitors!  Honestly, when I first encountered HostMetro I thought just that!  Let me outline and review what I feel makes this host the only logic choice when looking for hosting.


Exceptional Pricing:   Anytime you get a shared web hosting account for under five bucks you are getting a good deal.  The normal standard rate for HostMetro is $2.45 a month (which is AMAZING); however, here lately they have aloud us to give our readers their first six months of hosting for only #1.95/month!  All you have to do to take advantage of this special rate is click on one of our HostMetro links!

**LOCKED IN RATES**:   Ok folks!! This is where I was blown away.  Most shared web hosting providers will offer you a special rate on hosting for the initial purchase; however, when it comes time to renew your hosting (a year or two down the road), they instantly increase your rate to almost $10 a month!  Some of us in the marketing world call this “Bait & Switch”…  Personally, I am not a fan of this marketing strategy and think it is somewhat dishonest; HOWEVER, 99/100 hosts use this strategy.

I FELL IN LOVE with HostMetro when I researched their site and saw that they did not practice this strategy!  When you sign up for hosting with HostMetro you permanently lock in the exclusive $2.45/month rate FOREVER!!!    Regardless of industry changes, the economy, or anything else, you can sleep at night knowing this company will NEVER raise your rates!   Check out the MetroMax Guarantee for Yourself:

Metro Max Guarantee


Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth:   Many hosts limit customers on the amount of bandwidth and disk space they can use once they sign up for a hosting account!  The host will then charge users with crazy overages fees and leaves customers feeling nervous each month about what their hosting fees will look like.  With HostMetro you won’t have to worry about this!  HostMetro provides their users with unlimited disk space and bandwidth so you will never have to worry about getting charged for overages again!

Customer Service:   Any time you purchase a product you can expect that at one time or another you are going to need help or support.   Although HostMetro advertises and guarantees 99.9% server uptime they still have an amazing customer support service that can quickly help you through any issue that you may face.  HostMetro customer service is available 24/7!


Final Analysis:  

In my professional opinion HostMetro now offers customers one of, if not the top, shared web hosting package available!  In all aspects of the hosting (including freebies) HostMetro EXCEEDS or matches all other shared web hosting providers on the web!  What really sets them apart from other hosts and why I HIGHLY recommend you sign up for hosting with them is because of their guarantee to LOCK in your hosting rate!  Other hosts do no offer this and this can save you TONS in the future!





Bluehost to Launch Dedicated and VPS Hosting

I can 100% that in the very near future Bluehost, one of the web’s best shared hosting provides will be launching additional services to users including VPS web hosting and dedicated web hosting.

Sources within Bluehost have said the company is company building all of the servers and have already placed many of them in their state-of-the-ark datacenter in Provo, Utah.

Bluehost’s management on September 27 uploaded this picture to their Facebook page playing around with their followers saying, “I saw something new while walking through the data center today.”

I can confirm that this image is indeed a picture of their servers that will be used exclusively for their brand new dedicated and vps services.

Bluehost has long been recognized as one of the best web hosting providers in the world due to their exceptional customer support, amazing features, and of course being able to offer all of this at an amazing price point!   With our Bluehost promo link, users can currently purchase a shared web hosting account for only $3.49 a month.

Earlier this year we were first to announce that Bluehost would be launching their reseller web hosting program and we are please to now be the first to announce the addition of their new dedicated and vps plans.

With Bluehost’s history of providing affordable hosting solutions I suspect the new vps web hosting and dedicated hosting plans will be priced VERY affordably and will allow them to directly compete with all major VPS and dedicated hosts.   With the addition of these two new features Bluehost will be a complete full service hosting provider!

We will keep you posted with any updates regarding this topic; however, I suspect the new services will be launched within a month!     Take a second and check out Bluehost’s website for the latest.

Apple Web Hosting Follow-up

Apple Web Hosting

Several months ago I wrote an article about web hosting companies that are compatible with Apple’s.. (Aka.. Apple Web Hosting) and recently when watching my stats I have noticed a major increase in traffic to this article due to the fact that Apple is closing their MobileMe service and many individuals are scrambling to find a great host for their website.

If you find yourself in this situation and need a great hosting provider that will help you to transition your MobileMe website I HIGHLY suggest that you read this article by, it gives you a tutorial on how to move your MobileMe website to Bluehost, one of the world’s best web hosting companies and one that we promote throughout our site.

It is really frustrating when a company provides you a service and then comes along and cancels the service leaving you in a bind to find a great solution, I personally recommend Bluehost and will promise you this host will never end your service leaving you looking for a place to move.. The great thing about Bluehost is the only cost $3.49 a month.

After reading the articles above, I suggest taking a look at Bluehost:

bh-ppc-banners-dynamic-468x60[1] – New Design For Website – $4.50 promo!, which currently hosts over 1.7 million domain names, just launched a brand new website design!   The new site design taunts the hosts many features which include: unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited domain hosting, free domain name for life, free 1-click installs, and much more!   The new site design also features the fact that they provide support based 100% in the United States.

If your interested in hosting with Hostmonster be sure to click on our Hostmonster $4.50 promo link to enable an exclusive discount rate!

Here is a screenshot of the new site design:
(click to enlarge)



FatCow $3.15 – Limited Time Promotion!


WHAT AN INSANE OFFER! One of the most well known web hosting providers in the world is running a limited time promotion on their web hosting.  Normally web hosting at costs $7.33 a month; however, for a limited time they are offering the exact same hosting for only $3.15 a month!

This limited time FatCow $2.95 promo link will not be around for long; in fact, the promotion is scheduled to end in just 2 days!  Do not wait around because this rock-bottom pricing will not be around for long!  If you order now you will also be entered to win a BRAND NEW CAR.  I can personally promise you that there will be no better time to order at FatCow than right now!

If you would like to learn more about you can read FatCow Reviews on

FatCow offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, a free domain name for life, and much more for only $3.15 a month (if you order now)!  To view a complete list of FatCow’s features, click here.