A Simple Guide to Choosing a Trustworthy Web Host


So how can you find out whether a web host is trustworthy or not? Do you know what web hosting really is? I would say that there is nothing better than internet that we have today. Our daily lives are highly changed due to all those websites out there along with our culture as well; it has gotten more advanced, smarter, and easier. If you have ever planned to start your own website on the web; you might have also planned the content it will have and who will design it too by now. The only thing missing is getting a trustworthy web host.

If you want to have a website live on the internet you have to have it stored on a server somewhere (web hosting). The internet is a bunch of computers that are linked together so do not take it as a nebulous entity. Internet is simple and this is all what it really is. This is the reason why every website that you visit exists on some computer somewhere on the web. All those computers hosting all those websites are known as servers; they are highly expensive super computers. You will find them in racks located in every web hosting company’s factory or operating facility.

I say that the main feature of every web host is that they are providing you with a place that is secure and safe for the storage of your website’s data. If you are thinking that why can’t your site just live on your own computer at your home? Well, you might be able to store your website but what about the web traffic? A lot of data needs to be stored that cannot be done without getting a web host. People would not be able to access your site if it is not connected to a server.
Always look for reputable web hosts that offer various packages with all types of web hosting. Remember, know what you need and what your requirements are; in web hosting, you can get something in excess but you can never get something below your exact need. A trustworthy and reliable web host would always be flexible with you and assist you at every point. You need to make sure that there are no hassles and high extra charges for switching packages in the future. Also, there technical support should be present 24 hours a day throughout the week. Always do your research and do not go with the very first web host offering an attractive plan.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy web hosting I would look no further than Bluehost.com, this host provides exceptional customer support, friendly staff, and top-notch web hosting for only $3.49 a month!

Web Hosting Cost – How Much Is Too Much?

When you are purchasing web hosting for the first time it can be quite intimidating!  There are literally thousands of web hosting providers in the world, some are great, and the others are terrible!  Luckily for you there are sites like MangoOrange.com and AlreadyHosting.com who’s sole purpose is to research web hosting companies and then report back to you who is the best!  Our research can save you a lot of time and money.

Over the past few months we have noticed a trend in some of the questions that web have been asked by our readers.  Due to the poor economy individuals are being very conscience of the cost of web hosting and are wondering”How much is too much to pay?”.

Web Hosting Cost – How Much is Too Much?

The answer to this question depends on what type of web hosting you are looking to purchase; however, in the next few paragraphs  we we outline several different types of hosting and will tell you what is the maximum you should pay in each category.  We will also suggest some hosts to you that we think are the best in each category.

Shared Web Hosting

About 97% of websites can get by with a simple shared web hosting package.  Both of our sites (MangoOrange.com & AlreadyHosting.com) are hosted on shared web hosting servers.  I would highly suggest that you save your money and purchase a shared hosting package if you are just wanting to create simple websites.   THE MAXIMUM that you should be paying for shared web hosting is $5 per month, anything above that seems a bit high to me.

Personally, I use Hostmonster and I love them!  If you click on our exclusive Hostmonster.com promo link you can get hosting from this world-class host for only $3.95 a month!  Although I think that hostmonster is the best shared web hosting provider on the web, there are other great hosts like FatCow that offer hosting for only $3.15 a month!

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is for highly active sites that host a lot of files and receives thousands of visitors a day!  If you have been researching dedicated hosting and are wondering how much it too much, we are here to help!  Unlike shared web hosting dedicated web hosting pricing varies on the size of the server that you are purchasing.  Unless you are hosting a site that receives 10,000 or more visitors per day I would say that $150.00 is the most that I would spend per month on a dedicated host.

AlreadyHosting.com ranked SingleHop.com the best dedicated web hosting provider because their dedicated plans start at only $99.00 a month!  The cheapest I have seen dedicated hosting was at MochaHost who advertise $69.00/month dedicated hosting.

VPS Web Hosting

If you are looking for VPS Hosting (middle between shared and dedicated hosting) the most I would spend is $50 per month!  Most people who are looking at VPS  hosting could get away with shared hosting; however, if you are absolutely set on purchasing a VPS server I would suggest a company like HostGator who only charges around $20 for a basic VPS hosting package.

* The cost of web hosting varies depending on what type of hosting package you really want.  We have outlined the three main hosting categories above and have shared how much is too much to pay in each categories.  I would highly suggest that you follow our recommendations for each category, we have been researching web hosting providers for several years and we have a great idea to who is best.


How To Find Web Host

If you are reading this article it is likely that you are trying to find out how to find web host.   To answer this question I would suggest that you check one of the most popular web hosting reviews site, AlreadyHosting.com.  I will outline this site in the next few paragraphs.


The first reason to use AlreadyHosting.com is because they provide honest web hosting reviews and their reviews are not based on commission.  Not only does AlreadyHosting.com provide reviews of the webs most popular web hosts such as HostMonster, Bluehost, and Justhost but they also provide many services that will help you find web host.

If you are asking yourself how to find web hosting you may also be asking yourself how can you save money on web hosting during the purchase.   AlreadyHosting.com also can help you with this through their free web hosting coupon codes page.

Buying and finding the best web host is not as easy as most people make it sound; in fact, different web hosts excel in different areas.  I particularly like AlreadyHosting.com because they have written many articles that are designed to match visitors with the best web host.  Just a few of the guides include:  Best Web Hosting, Church Web Hosting, WordPress Web Hosting, and Green Web Hosting.  Or perhaps you could use their list of 2009 web hosting awards winners to help match you with the best web host.

When search for web hosting you may also want to find a host that offers extra bonuses like a free domain name or Free Google Adwords Credits.  This amazing service provided by AlreadyHosting.com also will help you find the best host for these features.

AlreadyHosting.com provides even more free services including a web hosting blog , web hosting news, and web hosting guides such as how to install wordpress on your server.  So next time that you ask “how to find web host” I suggest that you check out AlreadyHosting.com because they provide an amazing service to anyone looking for the perfect web host.