10 Top AV Tools for Video Workshops

You’ve been assigned a movie documentary for homework or for that important business presentation. It seems such a daunting task, but actually making an online movie for a course, presentation or workshop is easy. You just need the right tools.

When you decide to create a online course or workshop, you often find the need to capture live video, audio or screen recording. To do this you need certain  apps or software tools. There are a number of audio and video tools out there to choose from, but sorting through the different features can be daunting. This could make you start a project, only to find that the tool you chose doesn’t fit your needs – and then you’ll have to start all over again. That’s why we’ve  listed 10 top visual and audio tools for video workshops or presentations here.


  1. iMovie

This program allows you to turn your home Apple computer into a home video production machine and all you need is a few clicks. Fine-tune every clip and transition, edit color and audio. You can even fix shaky video here.

  1. Chirbit

A fun tool that allows you to record, upload and share voice and audio files. Just record your voice using a WebCam or microphone and upload the final version to your document or website.


When you need to record your screen, this tool works wonderfully and gives you several video editing options as well. It is user friendly and relatively inexpensive.

  1. Windows Movie Maker

Like iMovie, Windows movie maker allows you to edit feel easily, but works on your Windows-based device or PC.

  1. Vocaroo

This is an easy-to-use audio recording tool that allows you to use prerecorded files. They can be emailed, embedded and shared on social media sites.

  1. Camtasia

A simple tool that allows you to capture and edit your screen and PowerPoint presentations. You can upload your videos to the web and export in different formats. It is rather expensive at about $300, but it is one of the most complete screen capturing tools for both Windows and Mac.

  1. Screen-O-Matic

A cool tool that lets you record using your browser instead of using a  downloaded application. It is free for both Windows or Mac users.

  1. CamStudio

This offers a program that can record all screen and audio activity on your Windows friendly computer or laptop. It can also create bandwidth friendly streaming flash videos, screen captions and annotations all for free.

  1. Audacity

Audacity is a free tool that is open source and cross-platform and allows you to record and edit sounds.

  1. Screenr

A web-based screen recorder with intuitive and easy to use controls. Just click the record button and it will automatically capture your screen voice.

Bottom Line

These software programs, many being browser-based, meaning you don’t need to download them, can help you become a professional video maker. The preset themes and buttons allow you to easily make a professional looking video for any workshop or classroom.

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WordPress 2.8.5 Released – Information Here

Folk, WordPress has released an update for their Content Management System.  The new update is WordPress 2.8.5 which includes the following changes:

  • A fix for the Trackback Denial-of-Service attack that is currently being seen.
  • Removal of areas within the code where php code in variables was evaluated.
  • Switched the file upload functionality to be whitelisted for all users including Admins.
  • Retiring of the two importers of Tag data from old plugins.

Please make sure you update your WordPress blog to the latest version of WordPress for security reasons.  Also, I want to let everyone know that our i3theme and i2theme wordpress themes still work perfectly with the latest release (no need to worry).

There are a few great sites that will help you install wordpress, one site is AlreadyHosting.com, another great tool is SimpleScripts.com.  WordPress is working on WordPress 2.9.0, I suspect that it will be released in a few months.

Create Your First Website Easily With WordPress Themes

Website Hosting

Today I would like to teach you how to easily create your first website using WordPress and WordPress themes.   Prior to the development individuals looking to create a presence online were forced to either learn how to build and design websites, or they were required to pay a large sum of money to create the site.   This is no longer true.

WordPress is a free application that allows uers to develop blogs, personal websites, or business websites.  In fact, this very site (MangoOrange.com) is powered by WordPress and our very own i3theme.    Today I would like to teach you the very simple steps needed to easily create your first website with wordpress themes.

How To Create Your First Website

1.  The only thing that you will need to purchase is web hosting (your space on they internet).   This will cost around $50 for an entire years worth of hosting, so it is very affordable.   In my opinion the best web hosting provider is HostMonster, so before we get started please take a second and register for web hosting at HostMonster.   Please watch this guide to signing up with HostMonster if you need help.

2. Log into your newly created web hosting account.  Once you are logged in you can scroll down until you see a button that says SimpleScripts. Simple click this button and use Simplescripts to easy install WordPress, for free, on your web hosting server.

3.  Once you have done this you will receive an email with details how to log into your newly created wordpress website.   Simple follow those instructions to log into your account.

4.  Next, you will want to scan the web for free wordpress themes to find a theme that fits your needs.  We offer a very popular free wordpress theme if you would like to use it.   Once you find a theme, download the .ZIP file to your computer’s desktop.

5.  Now from your wordpress account you can upload the free wordpress theme and customize your page with any text that you would like to appear.   With wordpress, creating your first website is as easy as typing on Microsoft Word.