Blogger Vs WordPress : How to host your blog!

Blogger VS WordPress

Sometimes creating your first blog and/or website can be a confusing process simply because there are thousands of sites and services out there that claim to provide “the best service”.  If you are looking for quick answers and need help understanding the differences between Blogger and WordPress blogging platforms, we are here to help!  In this short guide we will detail the major differences between the two services and will offer some tips/advice on how you should start your first blog.

Blogger is a free blogging service provided by Google.  The biggest benefit of blogger is that the service is free; however, free is not always better.  Although blogger is very easy to use and to get started with, I have found that the service is very limited and ultimately will affect your site’s professionalism.  Blogger is a great service for anyone who wants a short-term blog and for individuals who do not particularly care about the quality of their site’s design.   I have used Blogger before and have no problem with their service other than the fact that I had a hard time developing my site due to their limited features.

WordPress (in my opinion) is by far the best blogging & website building platform available on the internet.  WordPress is free with most WordPress hosting providers and many of the top web hosting providers will also offer 1-click installs of WordPress.  The reason I love WordPress is because of its flexibility and abundance of features!  I have been able to use WordPress to develop many popular websites and blogs.  In fact, this blog is using the WordPress software.  Perhaps the best part about WordPress is the ability to use Plugins and Themes developed by other users across the web.  WordPress has dramatically changed the web design and hosting industries (for the better).  I highly suggest paying the $3.95 a month to have a professional site/blog that uses WordPress.

Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers:

As I mentioned above, I highly suggest that you choose WordPress instead of Blogger.  There are three web hosting providers that EXCEL in WordPress hosting and are also very affordable!  I have listed the top 3 WordPress hosting providers below, each of which offer their users FREE WordPress 1-click installs.

Simply sign up for hosting with one of these companies and you can have your very own professional blog/website within minutes!

  1. Bluehost – In my opinion Bluehost is the best WordPress hosting provider because of their easy to use WordPress 1- click install.  Bluehost is one of the web’s largest hosting providers and if you use the Bluehost $3.95 promo link you can get this premium hosting for only $3.49 a month!
  2. Hostmonster – This is another great wordpress hosting provider.  And if you click on our exclusive Hostmonster link you can get hosting for only $3.95 a month!
  3. iPage – iPage is one of the fastest growing web hosts and this host also has a great 1-click WordPress install.

——- WordPress Web Hosting – Read Review



Why should you choose to host your WordPress blog?  It is simple, iPage provides all of the tools for users to quickly get their WordPress site up and running in a matter of minutes!   For only $1.99 a month iPage will provide their valued members with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, a free domain name, anytime money back guarantee, AND an easy to use 1-click WordPress install.

That is right!  No need to worry about setting up databases, no need to worry about FTPing the WordPress files to your server, no need to worry about entering the right information into the config file…. This is now completely automated with ipage!   This great web hosting provider is owned by the Endurance group, which literally is the second largest web hosting organization in the world!   A company does not grow to be successful without offering amazing support, great pricing, and a product that excels in the market. IPage excels in each of these categories and they have also mastered WordPress hosting.

If you are looking to start your WordPress site or blog, I would highly suggest that you sign up with for your WordPress Hosting.  You will not be disappointed!


Finding A Domain For WordPress Website.

wordpressHow to Find a Domain Name for Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the fastest growing platforms that is being used to create websites. In fact, is the developer of one of the web’s most popular free WordPress themes.  WordPress is very powerful and a great tool for anyone looking to create a web presence.

WordPress eliminates the need of paying someone thousands of dollars to build a website.  You can now easily create a web page as long as you have web hosting and a domain name.

The great part of all of this is the fact web hosting and domain names can be purchased so cheap if you choose the right web hosting provider.  My job today will be to point you in the right direction in your search for a domain name for you WordPress website.    The process is very easy; however, I thought I would write a quick how-to-guide explaining how to setup a WordPress website.

Finding A Domain For A WordPress Website:

Option 1:

You can use a domain availability tool to search for a domain name that is free and register the name using Bluehost. The great part about Bluehost is the fact that they make it easy to install WordPress.  In fact, in the Bluehost CPANEL there is an option that allows you to easily install WordPress on your account as soon as you register for a domain name and hosting.   This is BY FAR the easiest way to get a domain name for your WordPress website.

Option 2:

Being that you will need web hosting along with a domain name I would highly suggest that you find a web hosting provider that will give you a free domain name with the purchase of hosting.  So for only $3.49 a month you can host your WordPress site and get a free domain.  Most hosts listed on will give you free WordPress installation.

If you are searching for a domain name to host your WordPress website I would highly suggest that you take a look at


WordPress Web Hosting – Hosting the iThemeAds


You are most likely award that we have recently launched a new wordpress theme called iThemeAds.  In just a couple of weeks the theme has already had hundreds of downloads!   Many people have asked us where they can find web hosting for the WordPress website.

I have found that there are many great hosts that can support WordPress; however, I would suggest HostMonster.  We use HostMonster to host our Web Hosting Blog (uses wordpress) and we have never never had any problems.  Hostmonster provides excellent customer support, plenty of resources, and top notch hosting.

It is true that we have teamed up with HostMonster to offer you an exclusive discount on WordPress web hosting.  If you want to get a hosting account for only $3.95 a month, I suggest clicking our exclusive WordPress web hosting promo link!

WordPress Update 2.8 Error on Line 487 – **FIX**

It appears that many people (including myself) are encountering the following error message after updating to the latest wordpress 2.8.x version: “Call to undefined method Redirection::_weak_escape() in /home/username/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 487″ .

Even though this may be an agrivation there is an easy fix to the problem and you will NOT lose your website files..  To solve the issue follow these simple steps:

  • Log into your host manager account or take help of your FTP.
  • Go to wp-content/plugin folder of your WordPress installation.
  • Locate redirection folder and rename it to something like redirection2
  • You should be able to login now into your admin panel of WordPress.
  • Go to plugin page and upgrade redirection plugin

** I hope this fix helps you, feel free to add any additional information that you think may be helpful to others.