Excel Overshoot, yikes!

Very often, we rely heavily on Microsoft Excel‘s drag-and-expand feature to simplify our work in cutting and pasting formula or numbers such as 1, 2, 3 … 100. Thus, on one fine day, while I was dragging-and-expanding on my Excel financial sheet, I realised that all my figures are wrong and I’m very confident that it has nothing to do with the formula. I was wrong, after trying to figure out. My mathematical formula was right but, my Excel formula was wrong.

Below is a sample of the error that I made, where it suppose to calculate total cost for each day by multiplying the unit cost and the amount of product sold that day:

Excel Drag-And-Expand Error 1
Before drag-and-expand: It was reflected correct here. Cost(30) = Unit Cost(10) x Sales(3) and the formula is =(A3*B6)

Excel Drag-And-Expand Error 2
After drag-and-expand: The value for Monday and Tuesday were wrong as the cost should be both 50 and 60 respectively, instead of 75 and 30.

The problem lies in the variables of the formula while we drag-and-expand. The solution is actually pretty simple…

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30 Days Challenge

Morning JoggingI’ve decided to participate in the ZenHabit, May Challenge to help myself to gain the habit of exercising everyday.

My aims for the Challenge:

  1. Go jogging everyday at 7am, alternating between the short route and long route to prevent my knee injury.
  2. No fried food.
  3. No carbonated drinks, water only.
  4. Have breakfast at 8am.
  5. Vegetarian dinner by 7pm.

The list above is what I wish to achieve by end of my summer holiday. Let’s hope that I can successfully achieve the first one by the end of May. 🙂

iTheme Navbar CSS bug

As you can see, I love the WordPress theme, iTheme designed by N.Design Studio. However, it just disturbed me to see the black font appearing when the page is selected and I personally felt it should be white instead.

Before and after:

iTheme Navbar CSS bug iTheme Navbar CSS bug (Fixed)

Hence, I decided to take a look at the CSS and make the changes. To my surprise, it is the author’s original intention to have the font white, but it is just not appearing the way it should be. The author probably used IE while designing the theme, as it only works in IE and not Firefox.

So, I decided to write a quick tutorial to fix it because it’s a very simple fix and it’s too troublesome to download and upload again. Hence, here’s the tweak for the Firefox users…

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Booze at Holland Village

Stella ArtoisYesterday was my last paper and it was an easy paper because the focus is on E-commerce Technologies. Guess what, I finished half an hour before it ends.

As usual, I went out to chill with my friends, Chun Seong and Jung Kiat, at a Holland Village bar after having dinner. This was my first time drinking beer and it was a mixed feeling. While I enjoyed the atmosphere and the taste of the beer, what I didn’t enjoy was that I have to finish 2 bottles of Stella Artois. It was quite a lot for me to finish. Eventually, I only finished one and the other, I left to my friends. Besides my Stella, I tasted a little of my friends’ Heineken and Erdinger beer.

Overall, it’s a new and interesting experience. Whether I will try it again or not? At least, not so soon. Singapore’s booze is not cheap. S$10 per bottle. My friend who recently came back from France mentioned that it cost ~S$12 to get a dozen. Wow, O.o booze is cheaper than water, over there.