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261 thoughts on “i3Theme”

  1. Thanks for creating the 3rd column! I installed the theme and I see the new 3rd column on the left side. It is displaying all of the same widgets I have on the right side column. Is there a way to specify a “Sidebar 2” in the widgets plugin and move different content onto the left side bar? Or do I have to mess with some code somewhere?

  2. Kenny: Just to clarify, do you mean using the Sidebar Widget? I haven’t really try it out with it, hence, probably there might be an error like you have mentioned. Do give me some time to look at the problem. As for now, hope you can bear without the support for the Widget. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  3. After doing a little research, I believe the themes left sidebar does not fully support the widgets plugin: http://automattic.com/code/widgets/ in making a second customizable Sidebar 2 , it just duplicates the right Sidebar 1. I installed another theme to test: http://www.kaushalsheth.com/abstrakt-3-column-wordpress-theme-with-sidebar-widget-support/ and under admin/Presentation/Sidebar Widgets/ there is a both a customizable Sidebar 1 and Sidebar 2.
    I hope this helps. Thanks again for your time and effort!

  4. Kenny: Thanks for the link. I will follow your link and look into it as soon as I can. The week just started here. I can only look into the problem after my work. Hope you have the patience for it and thanks for your understanding and support.

  5. Kenny: I have added the widget support 😉 Hope you like it and thanks for giving me the information, it really helps me save the time searching for it.

  6. Greg T.: Did you download the correct version? Only the version 1.1 support Widgets. I saw many has downloaded version 1.0.

    As for footer, you can give this a try. I don’t have IE6 to test as I’m using IE7.
    Between this <hr class=”hidden” /> and </div><!–/wrapper –> in your footer.php, place the code below:

    <div style=”clear:both; text-align:center;”>
    WP Theme & Icons by N.Design Studio, improved by MangoOrange.

    If you know how to use CSS, you can style the div accordingly to your preference. Hope this helps.

  7. Thanks for fixing the theme, glad I can help. I will install and check it out! I was gone interviewing for a job.

  8. Hey Mickey, thank you so much for solving the footer problem, I was able to achieve the look I wanted after playing around with a lot of settings, the file you sent me was the key to getting my started. As I said, lunch for who ever could solve my problem. You solved it for me, so I would like to send you some money to help support your site, or to buy mango/orange juice. How can I send it to you. Thanks again, Greg T.

  9. Greg T.: Sure, not a problem. Glad you found a solution. I’m happy that you want to support my site, but it’s not necessary. Nevertheless, you give me an idea of setting up a donation box. 😉 Will be up soon, after my terrible flu and fever.

  10. Hello, my links still ain’t in alphabetical order. I’m using the links widget and putting it in either sidebar makes no difference? Halp? lol.

  11. Hi, I canot download i3Theme.
    I need it very urgently.
    I hope you can send it to my email.
    thank you very much.=]

  12. Hey Mickey, do you think there is anyway to make the calander on the first page always show the current date, instead of the dates of comments? I want to make the theme more like a web-site, and not so much like a blog, so I removed the comment button. So the calander on the home page needs to show the current date, not comment date. Is this possible?

  13. Great work.
    One question: Who would one go about adding a Graphical header, instead of the text one.

  14. Mert: Hi, you can go to the Dashboard > Presentation and open the file called dbx-key.js. After that, look under the constructor function called dbxGroup and change the 7th parameter to ‘closed’ instead of ‘open’. Hope this help. 🙂

  15. Mohsin: Do you have a sample link? I need to have a look at it to be able to determine the problem.

    With regards to the original one column, do you mean the original iTheme by NDesign-Studio?

  16. Mohsin: Glad you fixed the problem and thanks for keeping the credits. Just a quick comment, your site seems to have some programming error while loading cause, it keeps shutting down my browser, IE7 and it takes some time to load.

  17. Jennifer: Hi, I’m glad you love this theme. With regards to your “split” theme, yes, there is. I guess, I didn’t make it very obvious. The center version is the arrow, just click on it.

    To change the blog title and tagline, just go to Dashboard > Options. If you wish to do it at the code level, just edit the header file under Dashboard > Presentation > Edit Theme.

  18. Gary O: I think to get to the dashboard, you just type in your site url with wp-admin (i.e. http://siteurl/wp-admin). To alter the width, you just need to edit the filename, style.css and edit the width of the CSS element called #sidebar-right and/or #sidebar-left. Hope it helps 🙂

    blackhat and 花花: You are most welcome.

  19. Adsensetips and 4xbizexec: Hi, I will look into it. Im currently brewing the next version of i3Theme. Hope you can wait a little while more. Glad you love the theme. 🙂

  20. hey mickey, congratulations for the interview, u remember me?

    I`m andres (andres_path@hotmail.com), from Chile, (iTheme 3 column idea)
    I was hacked and deleted all my e_mail acounts and flogs and everything, anyway, i`ve noticed that i3theme it`s very popular right now .. CONGRATULATIONS, i feel a bit responsible and glad u could make it, u are a great encoder/programmer/person, have a good time, and take care.

    i have to say good bye for now, u made my dream came true, thanks for everything.

    p.s: the email on this form doesnt exist, i dont have one now, well.
    “viva the 3 columns”


  21. Andres: Sorry to hear that your account has been hacked. It seems like you mean that it is due to the i3Theme. I don’t think it due to the theme as the wordpress designed in such a way that theme and the engine code is separated. Hope you can revived it soon and join the i3Theme group 🙂

  22. hi,

    I’m new to this. I installed this plugin with my MU wordpress and looks good. But can anyone help me figure out how to add more left or right boxs if I want to.

    Also do u have any documentation or so where I can see how to play around with this theme to modify and do my own things within this theme.


  23. First, I *really* like your theme!

    I just added two pages to my blog, and I enabled comments for them. However, it seems that for “Pages” comments will not appear as an option. I checked both the individual page preferences and checked my ‘manage comments’ section. I basically would like to choose whether comments are an option or not an option with Pages just as I would be able to do with an individual post. Any ideas on how to fix?


  24. What I mean is that even though I have enabled comments on those two pages, comments do NOT show up on my blog as an option for my readers. I can’t figure out anything that I’m doing wrong and so wonder if there is a glitch in the theme in reference to pages and comments. Thanks!

  25. Julie: Sorry that I accidentally commented the code out on the early version and forgotten to remove it. You can enabled it by logging into your dashboard and go to Presentation > Theme Editor > Page Template. Uncomment the part that says, <?php comments_template(); ?>

  26. Hey Mickey! Thanks so much! It completely fixed it. Well, this experience taught me something– I’m learning as I go. Awesome. I’m not sure if what I’m about to say is the same exact thing you meant, but the part that says was completely missing from my page template. There wasn’t any comment code with it. It was just missing from the page template. So I added it immediately below the code:
    Continue reading »’); ?>
    And it works perfectly now!

    Also, I have the same problem as Juggler does with the non-alphabetical listing of the blog links. However, my single post next and previous works fine.

    Juggler– I ended up removing (moving) the link widget to the options bar. Then I created another text widget and simply did the long hand of html links with blog titles in alphabetical order. I even added in breaks so that my links had some spacing to them. A bit more work, but it fixed my alphabetical problem. I simply titled the text widget the name of my blogroll, etc. It’s also a great way to add in a 2nd or 3rd blogroll list if you want separate lists for some reason. I’m sure there is an easier way to do all this, but that’s what I figured out in the interim.

    So the nice thing is that the text widgets accept html code! 🙂 Actually they accept more code because I used one of the text widgets (with a blank title) to add in my active meter code to my sidebar and it works just fine (and no one can tell that I have a blank text widget there– its invisible). 🙂

  27. Julie: I’m glad you solved the problem. Hope you have lots of fun with the i3theme. If you feel like help me out in continue developing the theme, you can donate S$5 to S$10 Singapore dollar as well. 🙂

  28. Ooops… duh, php code disappears in comments or at least whatever it was I did. Okay, basically the php comment code you said to “uncomment” was completely missing from my page template. It simply was not found anywhere in my page template. So I added it immediately below the php code of ‘the content, continue reading’ code. And it works great! Thanks again!

  29. Hello, First of all thank a ton for sharing this resource with all of us.

    I tried my luck, but i got few warnings and i can see only one content part n one sidebar, another sidebar is missing. dont knwo why. i am getting this following warning. let me know what i have to do. what is wrong in my installation. i just copy pasted the folders in theme dir(inside wp).

    Warning: main() [function.main]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/usr/share/pear/sidebar-left.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/var/www/html/) in /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/i3theme-1-2/header.php on line 38

    Warning: main(sidebar-left.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: Operation not permitted in /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/i3theme-1-2/header.php on line 38

    Warning: main() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘sidebar-left.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear’) in /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/i3theme-1-2/header.php on line 38

  30. Greg: Hi, I tested it with the latest version 2.2.3. It’s actually fine. Can you pin point to me what’s wrong with it? Are you referring to the expand and collapse button?

  31. Hello mickeyckm, I’ve juste try the version 1.2 on wordpress 2.3 and have probs with the widget, we cannot modify widget into the panel administration withouth bug the design. How dl the 1.3 version?

  32. New mac user, so I’m going to live a full mac life 😉 normal no? :p No the theme is very beautiful, I’ll maybe try to do some modification, but very beautifull, I dl the 3 version 🙂 It’s in the same way of illacrimo, design and simplicity 🙂

  33. Jeremiah: hi, there is a simple trick to adding Youtube video on WordPress. You can only put the code into the post once and save it. Once you allow it to reload in the TinyMCE editor, it will reorder the <p><object> tags such that it doesn’t wrap around the parameters tag, hence breaking the layout.

    For now, I would suggest, you remove the youtube codes and paste the original again and save it once. It will work. If you want to edit text in the post, you can edit, but you have to repost the code again from the original Youtube source. I believed that there is a plug-ins out that easily unable to embed medias like Youtube.

  34. Cindy: Hi, you can do it by search for .entry element in the style.css file and add line-height: 15px; or the value of line-spacing you like. Hope that’s what you are looking for.

  35. Brian: I’m not too sure about the plug-ins. However, if you wish to edit the content of the plugin without Widget being turned on, you can edit the sidebar-*.php files. I’m sorry that currently I don’t have time to test that plug-ins out. Busy preparing for my upcoming test. If you have any other problem, do drop by.

  36. Cindy: Hi, Cindy, try searching for

    in your plugin files. You can then add the bookmark code into the
    . I hope it works. Sorry that I can’t pinpoint the exact solution because I never use that plugin.
  37. Sorry about the IE6 problem. I will try to get a fix for it these 2 weeks. I’m in the midst of an exam period and the worst of all, I’m on Vista, which IE6 don’t work. I need to get and IE6 to test on.

    For those who manage to fix it, it will be great if you can share it with all of us. Just email me, I will reupload it.

  38. did you change the CSS? if not, it could be one of your widgets that affect it. maybe you should try to remove all the widgets and insert it one by one. then you will be able to see the error.

  39. i do have problems with your theme and wp2.3. most of the widgets, which should appear left or right near the main content, appear actually at the left *under* the main content… did not change anything, just were testing some themes with a very new wp2.3 installation…

  40. Can you show me a screenshot? So far, most of the problems arise when either it is wrong theme version or wordpress version or the widget used has problem.

  41. That could be one reason. So far, it’s been tested on all the four major browsers – IE7, Firefox, Opera and Safari(Windows). Perhaps, you should give your wordpress an upgrade. 🙂

  42. oops…the code didn’t show…sorry

    I mean put the code for the next/previous links inside the if(have _post()) code
    instead of before it.

  43. When i use your “right” theme the sub pages on the sub navigation do not show? But when i use your “centre” theme they work as they should…can you help?

  44. I’m reckon I’ll use this theme for my blog, its just that I’m a newbie and I would like to know if I can use a custom image for the header instead of the text…

  45. John: Hi, currently I’m pretty busy with my exam. I will see what I can do with it.

    Muaz: Image header is not supported at the moment. So sorry about that.

  46. John: do you have any sample? i’m using the right edition as well. I have no problem with that. Maybe I can have a look at what you put in your center edition?

  47. Firstly – i have not modified your code at all, i tried both original themes on WP2.3 (fresh install) and the right one simply does not show the sub-nav links on the sub-nav bar, where as the centre one does.

    Look at this page for example, it is a sub-page of “Resources” and should contain links in the grey area underneath the “main” pages (Home/About/Resources..etc) but it does not, the same problem as i have. If i switch to the centre or left versions of your theme, the links appear as they should.

    Hope that helps? There is no point me giving you any code as i have not modified anything…just a base WP2.3 and your 1.3 theme downloads…

  48. Hi Scott, is the safari you using windows version? Mine is version 3.0.3 download from Apple. It works well for me. I’m not a Mac user yet. So I can’t see what you mean.

  49. I have installed the new i3Theme v1.3.1, center version. As long as I do not have a post showing, the theme works fine. As soon as I publish a post, the right column disappears. Happens both in v1.3.1 and v1.3, Firefox 2 and IE 7.

    Any ideas?

    I have torn all the way back down to a fresh install of wordpress and the problem persists.

  50. The errors are resulted from WordPress v2.3 that introduce the_tags function. Please upgrade your wordpress else you have to use version 1.2 instead.

  51. I am having some problem in my single post page. It seems that my footer has gone to the top and pushing my right side bar to extreme right. The link is

  52. Oh, that’s because there is too much links. One thing u can do for the moment is to increase the length of the background of the box. That means edit the jpg file.

    I will fix the problem in the next release. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  53. Hi, first of all…great theme. Everything was perfect, except one problem / request:

    * How do you make it to show the “Full Link” to the search engine instead of just the “post” link.
    e.g. “Name-of-Blog” >> Archives >> “Post-Title” OR “Name-of-Blog” >> “Post-Title”

    Because right now…it will only show the “post-title” when the SE index it.

    (If you can post the code and where I need to edit-it, that will be great !)
    Thank you.

  54. Aadisht: it’s sidep-bottom.png. if you can photoshop the top half and join it back together, to make it much longer. it wil solve your problem.

  55. RL: I’m not sure about what you are saying. Can you give a snapshot or something? Or an example using my blog, so that I can picture it better? Sorry for the inconvenience.

  56. Hi Mickey: I had it figured out. But just to clear things up…What I meant was…..do you see the TITLE of THIS page, it’s “i3Theme – Mozilla Firefox”(or IE) right. What I was trying to do is to make it show the title:
    MangoOrange.com >> resources >> i3Theme – Mozilla Firefox
    Name-of-Blog >> Archives or Page >> Post Title – Mozilla Firefox

  57. No problem Mickey, thanks for the theme by the way !!
    Go to “Theme Editor” –> Edit the “Header.php” file.

    * Beginning of the file: find this code –>”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
    ** Replace it with this code –> » Blog Archive

    That’s It !!

    Oh btw, I am not a programmer or anything similar, just good at copying & editing other people’s code. : ) Cheers !!!

  58. Let’s try again…

    * Beginning of the file: find this code –>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    ** Replace it with this code –> » Blog Archive

  59. =====your code=====

    Sorry Mickey, I am not trying to spam your “comments”. Just testing what html tags your comment box allow to use.

    (You may want to delete this afterward.) Thanks !!

  60. Beginning of the file; find this code:

    Replace it with this code:
    <title><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> <?php if ( is_single() ) { ?> » Blog Archive <?php } ?> <?php wp_title(); ?></title></title>

    There…..the “codes” should display properly this time !!!

  61. No problem Mickey, thanks for the theme by the way !!
    Go to “Theme Editor” –> Edit the “Header.php” file.Beginning of the file; find this code:


    Replace it with this code:

    <title><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> <?php if ( is_single() ) { ?> » Blog Archive <?php } ?> <?php wp_title(); ?></title>

    That’s It !!

    Oh btw, I am not a programmer or anything similar, just good at copying & editing other people’s code. : ) Cheers !!!

  62. Hi Jonathan,

    The sidebar widget is a little bit tricky here. Every widget cannot exceed a certain width else, the whole sidebar will be push down. For your case, my suggestion is to turn off every single widget, and on it one by one, you will find out that some of the widgets will create such problem.

    I will see what I can do during the holidays to fix it. Currently I’m in the midst of exam period. I hope it really helps you out on this. If can’t, I’m sorry about it. Glad to know that you like it.

  63. I’m not too sure about the search problem for 1.2. So far I haven’t heard any about the search. In any case, it would be advisable to upgrade to the latest. Please take note that i3Theme 1.3 and above require WordPress 2.3.

  64. Hi jonathon,
    I stay stressed if this problem. I don’t find a soltion for this.
    I LOVE this theme (i3Theme – Center Edition), and i don’t change this.
    But i’ve the same problema of some ppl here.
    I tried that code the mike say:
    WP Theme & Icons by N.Design Studio, improved by MangoOrange.

    But dont work.
    The problem isn’t in widget. ‘Cause the in any widget (or many widgets) do the same problem.
    In IE7 and FF, show if no problem. But in IE6 the rigth bar go to down the footer. =/
    So, ireead that u say: ” “overflow: auto” should to the trick”
    But, where i put this code !? File !? local !? Inside the tags !?
    I waiting for a anwser. Tnx.

    PS.: I’m using: “WordPress 2.3.1” and the “i3Theme 1.3.1 (Center Edition)”.

  65. Hi Chris, should be no problem, but I have to look through the code and test it out. I can’t do it now as I have exam in the next two weeks. I will take your suggestion into consideration. Hope the current one can satisfy you for now.

  66. And… My question !? =P
    I want to fix this problem in IE6.
    So.. Jonathan, were i write this command !?

  67. So, i test the new version “i3Theme version 1.4 (Center Edition)”.
    Nice to see the “written by User \\ tags”. I was wait for this.
    But, my problem continuing…
    In the IE6, the Left Bars desconfigure.
    I explain my problema ins some later’s coments .
    So, anybody have a solutions !?
    Jonathan has said about a code. But, WHERE i put this code !?


  68. The following error is given with version 1.3.1 and 1.4.

    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_tags() in /wordpress/wp-content/themes/i3theme-1-4/single.php on line 21

    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_tags() in /wordpress/wp-content/themes/i3theme-1-4/single.php on line 21

    What will be bad?

    The error is not given with version 1.2.

  69. I’m sorry.

    The error of version 1.3.1 is follows.

    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_tags() in /wordpress/wp-content/themes/i3theme-1-3-1/index.php on line 18


  70. Hi kentan, this is due to the WordPress version below 2.3 that doesn’t support the new tagging feature. It will go away once you upgrade your WordPress to version 2.3. I’m still looking for a way disable it if the WordPress version is below 2.3. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for using it. Really appreciate it.

  71. I’m sorry.
    The version uses WordPress ME 2.2.3. (http://wordpress.xwd.jp/)Version 2.3 for Japan confirm after release again.

    Thank you for confirmation.

  72. Hi Ken, I see. One way is to comment the the_tags() function at the index.php and single.php. This will temporary remove the the_tags() function. Thanks for making me aware the the other language version of wordpress is not ready for version 2.3

  73. LPRT: So sorry about that. I’m currently busy with my exam. It will be over on the 1st Dec 2007. So from now till then, the response from me will be alittle slow. With regards to the left bar on IE6, it might be due to the widgets that you used. Try switching off everything and on it one by one. If the problem persist, please give me a week more till my exam finish, before I can attend to your problem. If possible, a screenshot or URL will be great.

  74. Tnx for aswer mickeyckm…
    My problem isn’t in the left sidebar. The problem is in the “right sidebar”.
    No no, the problem isn’t in my Widgets. In ‘Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox’ run perfectly. The problem is just in the IE6. So if you think in all world, the most people using IE6.
    Example… If i install a clean anyversion of i3Theme (Center Edition), open normaly in IE6. But if i put any Widget (sample widgets.. Not installed plugins.) Example the Meta, or Calendar, or same other one, the problem appear.
    So… Not problem in my Wifgets. =)
    The original sidebar of left side, is normal.
    Other examle is this.. If a put the same widgets in the left side, i don’t have any problema. Just in right side.

    So… You can open pages in IE6 !? Of u say [b]YES[/b] i put the URL here. If you say [b]NO[/b] i put a ScreenShoot.

    I’ll be wait you answer.

  75. Hello,

    Love the theme! For can I edit the links box to remove the hosting and coupons links?? Any help is much appreciated!


  76. Hey,

    Please Help. When I change the header.php file to display catagories rather than pages.. The “highlight the page you are on” part doesnt work. The mouseovers still work but nothing indicating which page you are on…

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance!

  77. LPRT: I think your widgets are too wide for the left sidebar. Hence, it will push it down for IE6 as it doesn’t know how to handle it. I will try to find a workaround for this.

  78. Hi. Great theme! How do I activate the sections “recent posts” and “recent comments”. Also how would I set it up so that someone can sign up for my newsletter, or send me their email address for a free report? Also, how do I activate the Google Adsense section. Thanks.

  79. Hi,

    Can I change the way the single.php file shows the post title between the arrows? I am thinking something like previous and next..My titles are too long..Here is the code I need help with..

    Thanks in advance!

  80. has anyone noticed a little blue box next to the “previous” post link that fills in with blue when you hover over the “next” post link on single.php? love this theme, I added some transparency on our web and love it!


  81. Hi,

    Thanks for this very nice work.

    I had a problem with the Ajax Shoutbox plugin from Pierre (http://pierre.sudarovich.free.fr/index.php/2006/02/28/ajax-shoutbox/lang-pref/en/) : the list of messages appeared empty when the i3Theme was applied to my site.

    The only solution i found was to change “.dbx-content div{overflow: hidden; height: 100%; width: 100%;}” to “.dbx-content div{overflow: hidden;}” in the file “dbx.css”.

    It’s probably a dirty solution… What’s your opinion on this problem ?

  82. Nicolas: IE6 requires width and height to be specify in order for overflow:hidden to be effective. If you remove it, IE6 viewer will see that either your main content/sidebar being pushdown if your widgets/images larger than the width of the box. If your viewer mainly non-IE6, then go ahead with it 😀

    Massimo: It’s possible, but it requires some extra work for tweaking the css and I don’t usually do it just for one person. If you need my help to tweak it for you, you may want to consider helping me paying my bills 😉

    Chris: I would love to but from the way the original author wrote, there is a lot of code to rewrite. I need more time for that. So sorry about it.

    Scott: Maybe you might wanna show me a link of what you mean. I thought I solved it in the later version. Are you using the latest i3Theme?

    Ryan: By all means, go ahead and modify to your needs as long as you credit it back to MangoOrange™. If you need help, you can drop me an email.

    Ian: To use the recent post and comments, you have to just activate the widgets. For the subscribing the newsletter and stuffs, you have to use the feedburner plugins to help you with it. About the Google Adsense, you have to just paste the code into the Text Widget. It’s a lot easier.

  83. Chris: Hi, there will be an update soon for the i3Theme. About the wide edition, there is a lot of changes to the code even if he has to work on it, cause the way he coded it as far as I know. So sorry to keep you waiting for it.

  84. Hi,
    first of all THANKS for this theme ! Very Cool !

    Just a little problem with Youtube video link (AMP plugin): using Firefox 2 I get a lot of problem to “click” on PLAY arrow … it seems to be “unclickable”.
    With Opera and IExplorer work fine. Maybe is a Flash problem ? …

    Have you suggestions ?

    link to try -> http://www.gianmariatogni.ch/blog/index.php

    thx for help me !!

  85. Marty and Akira: I’m currently in US and still looking for a place to settle down. So I think I won’t be able to attend to your problem anytime soon. Sorry about this.

  86. The main question is this is theme for Drupal or WordPress?! I found link to this site on Drupal – > iTheme forum. And I cant install it on Drupal. (i3Teme is not on Theme list).

  87. Hi. Im trying to add sub-pages like (Resources/i3Theme). The sub-page was created in BD but does´t appears in the gray row. U guys have an idea?

  88. Hi!

    Thanks for a great theme, but I have a problem. All sidebars in my site (www.boardgamer.ru) are terrible in IE. I have downloaded last version (1.5), but the sidebars and their headers remains the same.

    Could you please tell me how to fix this?

  89. como faço pra instalar esse template i3theme????????e como faço pra deixar no centro igual na foto a cima e igual ao que esta nesse blog??????por favor me ajudem

  90. Something has been done to the background image. How can I be sure the green theme does not have that boxy edge and that it is one continuous background like this blue one?

    I cannot find your theme switcher…

  91. hi.

    im an absolute plonker when it comes to modifying things, I really like the theme but need the center column 200px wider (so the overall site width needs to be another 200px wider) everything else can be the same.

    I just need the center column wider as it isnt big enough for my needs.

    ive played with the css for hoursand hours but am going round in circles and cant get it to remotely resemble what i need, its really frustrating as I just dont know what I need to do.

    any help would be greatly appreciated and Id be happy to make a donation. Im at my wits end.


  92. When trying to edit the Links side widget, nothing comes up to be edited. Any suggestions? I am using WP 2.5 and will be testing it on 2.5.1 also.


  93. Scott: It depends on whether you using the widget or not. If you are not using the widget, then the file should be on sidebar-right.php or sidebar-left.php. If you are using widget, I think you have to search for the widget files in wp-include or wp-admin.

  94. I’m using it for MangoOrange and I see no problem using my Safari on my macbook pro. Sometimes it’s the plug in problem. Try switching off everything and turn it on one by one.

  95. Nihar: Do you have a screenshot? By default, you shouldn’t have any problem unless you make some changes or the plugins you installed create the problem.

  96. JPStyle: If you know where to remove, it’s not a difficult thing to do. Maybe you can download the comment.php and paged-comment.php and compare the modification.

  97. hi , very thanks for this themes , i love this theme , and change 5 themes in 1 theme whitout change themes in wordpress , only with use a java script in theme and change folder image and rename and move to theme . now theme very very good . do you like send for you this theme ? good luck , bye

  98. hi my friend.
    I wanted you there is i3theme in the black version for users of wordpress we use them to me ate more hope the answer

  99. how can I edit in order to my page / post titles become h1 tag? what I really want is page title | blog title

  100. I see a lot of chinese scripts and fonts. If I were to cut and paste say Hindi or Arabic into the text editor, will it still work. Secondly I used this on a few other sites that I find that the right hand side bar loads 2 seconds slower. Has anyone seen that or is it my server problems. Nonetheless wicked theme.

  101. I saw this theme so many times on the web! Congratulations, this design is so popular everywhere in the world! Sad thing : many people attributes this design to sites owners cause they think as they are owner, they can’t use skins. This is the Batman aspect of webdesign generosity.

    Chears from frogland

  102. Sorry, but there’s no such option as Presentation in WordPress 2.7, and it is not showing up under Appearance. Any ideas on how to make it work?

  103. Hi,
    Nice theme! I´m using your i3Theme 1.7 Classic (Left Edition). All is working smoothly. But when I´m creating a sub-page, these sub pages are not showing on my website (clicking on the main page navigation). On your center and right editions these function is working. Any ideas what should I do?

  104. Hi,

    Is it possible to remove the sidebars for my static pages and just leave them for the page I use for posts to be published on?


  105. Hey guys, thanks for pointing out some of the issues with the 1.8.. We will be working very quickly to get these issues corrected… We will not release the additional skins until the issues are solved (hopefully within 24 hours)…

    In the mean time feel free to use our 1.7 version which is working well. When the 1.8 is working correctly you can easily change the theme..

    Also, we have noticed many site removing the footer links.. We ask that each of you keep these links in your footer per se the theme guidelines. Thanks!

  106. Hey!
    i really love your theme, the only problem is that i need to translate the entire theme whenever you release a new one, which can be very hard.
    is there a way for you to make a MO or PO file, which i can translate?

  107. Hey mickey, ive been makin my move from blogger to wordpress and i really like your theme, but seems like i3 does not currently work with wp 2.8… I would be patient enough waiting for a wp2.8 compatible i3… Or if given ample time, i might be able to contribute a mod in the future… Hope so… Lotsa thanks!!!

  108. Hi,

    When I hover over items in the main nav bar or post titles the titles/tooltip are like this:


    I have realised this is because I also have the Front End Editor plugin (http://scribu.net/wordpress/front-end-editor) which must be causing a conflict. I have managed to remove the titles from everything apart from the items in the main navigation.

    How do I remove the titles from these items?


  109. titles/tooltip are like this:

    “front-ed-the_title front-ed” rel=”5″

    Instead of about, FAQ’s etc

  110. Hi,

    Is it possible to disable the flooding of the submenu’s? That they can’t be moved around but just stick.
    I hope by doing that to make the load of the theme a lot less.
    If you have other tips pls let me know!

    ps: love the theme, have been using it for 1,5 year now 😉 but my server is under a heavy load so it would be nice to reduce it

  111. What the difference with the Fluid Edition?

    Any tips in how to make the theme less heavy on my server?

  112. I love your i3Theme 1.8 Classic (Center Fluid Edition). Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with WordPress 2.8, the left column is not displayed.

    Will there be a version solving that problem?


  113. Quote: ===204.stgn Says:
    September 1st, 2009 at 2:02 am

    I love your i3Theme 1.8 Classic (Center Fluid Edition). Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with WordPress 2.8, the left column is not displayed.

    Will there be a version solving that problem?

    Also using WordPress 2.8 here and installed the new version of i3theme 1.8.1 and I’m getting that “distorted search page” problem again, results look jumbled together.

  114. I just noticed when I disable the Search Unleashed plugin the “distorted search page” problem stopped happening. Guess this sounds like a dumb question but to be sure…does that mean Search Unleashed plugin is not compatible with i3 theme or the other way around?

  115. Hi,

    Was looking at this:

    * i3Theme 1.8.1 Classic (Center Edition)
    * i3Theme 1.8.1 Classic (Center Fluid Edition)
    * i3Theme 1.8.1 Classic (Left Edition)
    * i3Theme 1.8.1 Classic (Fluid Left Edition)
    * i3Theme 1.8.1 Classic (Right Edition)
    * i3Theme 1.8.1 Classic (Fluid Right Edition)
    What are the differences?

    Also i have uploaded to my site, but how can i remove the Meta Widgets?

    Thanks, great theme 🙂

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  117. We are a group of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your website offered us with useful info to work on. You have done an impressive process and our entire community shall be grateful to you.

  118. Im using the old 1.7 Classic (Center Edition).
    Works fine for me.
    But im having a date issue. Instead of the month it shows this:

    April worked fine, March and Mai etc. causes this error.
    I tested 1.8.1 – same issue.

    Any suggestions!?

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